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Ears are closed... on both sides

What are we going to do about the fact that, whereas the public can vote out a Government that is not doing its job appropriately, the top managers of our profession, namely the headteachers, are not only ignored but openly derided for their vote against Chris Woodhead? Fifteen thousand failing teachers out of 400,000 is less than four per cent. On what grounds is Mr Blunkett not listening to the 96 per cent?

If we are to win the dreadfully destructive media and political campaign against teachers, we must take a leaf out of the politicians' handbook and find new ways of influencing it. Let's direct our campaign at influencing the public, as Chris Woodhead, the politicians and the media do: * Reverse all the statistics to show the truth positively; * Take all our positive examples to the misguided public; * Collect and use our own statistics to support our needs and causes; * Use positive reinforcement of our successes to attack. (We use it in the classroom against unwanted behaviour.) BARBARA GARNER, Teacher trainerlecturerprimary teacher, 9 Brookfield Way, Kibworth, Leicester

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