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Easter treat

Dubble chocolate - the fair-trade chunky bars - have proved a big hit with Friday magazine readers and their pupils. Last term Dubble offered a box every week to classes that deserve a treat. By popular demand we're continuing the treat throughout the Easter holiday (chocolate being a seasonal theme).

So, does your class work extra hard, make you laugh, act generously to others? Just tell us why your pupils deserve a big box of Dubble bars - the most convincing answer wins.

This week, Joan Fox, a teacher at Fairfields special school in Northampton, wins for her Green class. Aged nine, 10 and 11, they all have severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities. This year has been tough for them - one broke a collarbone, one has had major leg and hip surgery, another has just spent five weeks in hospital, one's had pneumonia, and two have been laid low by nasty bugs.

"Yet they are all so determined to get on with their lives and school work," writes Ms Fox. She also finds them caring of each other and of the staff they work with. "We have great fun together, too."

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