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EasyPC Boost Your ICT Capability. For PC Windows 9598. Logotron pound;49 plus VAT (single user) Tel: 01223 425558

This software is part of the Longman Teacher Training module under the NOF training scheme. However, it can be purchased separately and should help many teachers gain the ability to use a PC confidently in the classroom.

EasyPC Boost Your ICT Capability is a complete step-by-step guide to using a computer. Skills are reinforced through a range of "show-and-try" sessions, accompanied by a tutorial for the main components of the Microsoft Windows 95 operating environment.

The software, which runs from either the hard disc or directly from the CD-ROM, features on-screen, spoken tutorials with a number of helpful hints. It has clear explanations with each section and a simulation guide provides training lessons about th PC, Windows desktop and mouse. Interaction is encouraged through step-by-step guides, including "Why", which offers explanations and applications in the classroom; "Show me", which provides demonstrations with accompanying spoken commentaries, and "Try it", which allows users to practise their new skills. Each topic has a friendly audio guide to help make the correct choices. After the on-screen tutorials, a reinforcement quiz tests how much you've learnt and logs your progress.

I tested the software on a teacher who was "techno-phobic". She spent about an hour on her first lesson and gave it the thumbs-up.

This is definitely a guide for novice computer users. It is neither condescending nor over technical. If you are looking for a catalyst to get your non-ICT capable colleagues into computers, then this could be it.

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