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Easy does it

Easy Peasy Multiplication

CD-Rom pound;39.50 (pound;120 + VAT with unlimited site licence); network version pound;180 + VAT

Tel: 01946 813065


Easy Peasy Multiplication follows hot on the heels of Easy Peasy CD1 (adding and subtracting). If anything, this resource is better as it matches closely the pedagogy of the numeracy lesson exploring the multiplication algorithm without being prescriptive.

The software is available for both network and standalone computers and runs quite happily with all versions of Windows. Easy Peasy Multiplication offers the learner the ability to move the factors around, in standard form or in a grid, to combine similar factors, display their products automatically and ultimately to build the "long" multiplication algorithm (up to three digits per factor). Worksheets can be printed from randomly generated examples for pupils to practise their new-found skills away from the computer.

The software is straightforward, thanks to the small tutorial which at once makes you aware of the depth of understanding to which this "simplistic" software can penetrate. Animation is used to good effect, guiding and assisting learning in a sound manner. This program never oversteps its serious intentions but is slick and fun to use.

It is ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard or Class Pad. Suitable for both key stages 1 and 2, it will prove a boon for special needs students in secondary schools. FE colleges should also note that this software is appropriate for adult learners' life skills courses.

Easy Peasy Multiplication adopts just the right philosophy in its approach and fits comfortably with the numeracy strategy.


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