The easy way to net treasures from the Web

Tracey Warren discovers how to keep costs down when browsing, and looks at the latest CD-Roms for science, geography and history

* Searching for, and collating, information from the World Wide Web can be a time-consuming process, but Yorkshire Inter-national Thomson Multimedia (YITM) hopes to change all that with the development of Internet Odyssey. This CD-Rom enables the user to gather images, video, text and audio from the Web and build up an index of sites visited, thereby reducing the time spent on-line. Internet browsing is built into the software, which gets the user quickly to chosen sites. Infor-mation can also be collected from CD-Roms and the PC hard drive.

For PC, Pounds 19.99. YITM, The Television Centre, Leeds LS3 1JS. Tel: 0113 243 8283. Education Show stand: PV6 * Sixth-form students will find Understanding Weather prepares them for both the coursework and exam element of A-level geography. Atmosphere, temperature, weather systems and weather change are some of the topics covered and students can interact with each using the video clips, full-colour illustrations and audio. An "Investigate" section tests understanding and provides revision practice. On-screen investigations help students develop their own research skills.

For PC, Pounds 79.99 + VAT. YITM, details as above * For geography pupils at key stage 2, Exploring Maps encourages pupils to examine the concepts behind maps by creating their own interactive atlas on screen. Detailed political, environmental and physical information is given on a selection of maps, and each has an interactive key that allows pupils to create a map to suit their study requirements.

For PC and Acorn, Pounds 59.99 + VAT. YITM, details as above * A revision aid containing multiple-choice questions based on the national curriculum, Revise Geography covers areas such as river and coastal landscapes, changes in the weather system, and world population. These are all supported by graphics, video sequences, sound clips as well as 2D and 3D animations. The CD-Rom enables teachers to identify areas of student strength and weakness, showing which topics have been clearly understood and those that need more work. Feedback is provided as the CD-Rom maintains statistics of success rates.

For PC and Mac, Pounds 45 (single), (five pack) Pounds 150, (10 pack) Pounds 200, (network) Pounds 336, all exclusive of VAT. Acacia Interactive Limited, 18 Lavant Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3EW. Tel: 01730 268463. Stand PV10 * Animal extinction in the 20th century is examined in Lost Animals, a CD-Rom devised from the Channel 4 programme. Pupils can learn about the fate of 50 extinct animal species when they enter the Lost Animals Museum and visit the various "rooms" to hear the animals stories, find out about the extinction levels and solve the puzzles and quizzes. The headset and dataglove provided enable children to interact fully with the program. Its other features include maps, diagrams, animations, more than 100 video clips, and detailed narration and text. It is primarily aimed at 7 to 11 year-olds.

For PC, Pounds 35 (single user), Pounds 90 (network). Channel 4 Schools Information Line: 01926 433333. Stand PV13 * Pupils become the contestants in a new interactive game which has been adapted from the Living Proof show due to be broadcast on Channel 4. The new CD-RomCDI, which has the same title, specialises in local history and covers subjects such as Britain in the Second World War and Victorian Britain. Players can choose from more than 100 film sequences which have accompanying quiz questions. The correct answer to each is explained using relevant historical details. Buildings, archaeological sites, photographs and maps are some of the areas of information explored in each topic. Age: 7-11.

For PC and CDI (Acorn available soon), Pounds 19.99 each. Channel 4 Schools Information Line, details as above * Based on the acclaimed television series, Disappearing World aims to help pupils study a range of different cultures across the globe and introduces them to the native populations in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Malaysia and the South Pacific. There are 80 minutes of video and more than 200 photographs taken from the programmes that gives an insight into the fragile and ancient societies which are on the verge of becoming extinct. Pupils can investigate issues using the comprehensive database. Age: 12+.

For PC, Pounds 79.99 + VAT. YITM, details as above * Students are put to the test when they become customer service representatives using An Insight into Customer Care. The CD-Rom forms part of a new GNVQ resource pack devised for economics and business studies students at intermediate and advanced levels. Students interact with customers to solve their problems using the role-play exercise in the setting of a "virtual" enquiry centre.

For PC, Pounds 25 inc VAT. British Gas, North West House, Gould Street, Manchester M4 4DJ. Tel: 0161 829 2211. Stand F52 * Topics relevant to all areas of science for key stages 2 and 3 are covered in Life and Living Processes, from the PictureBase series. Variety of life, the human body, living plants and animals, and changes that affect lifestyles are studied using pictures, sound, text and video. The title is also relevant in the teaching and learning of social studies and could encourage debates on subjects such as pollution. Text and pictures can be enlarged and printed out.

For PC or Acorn Pounds 69 + VAT (single user), Pounds 139 + VAT (site licence). AVP, School Hill Centre, Chepstow, Gwent NP6 5PH. Tel: 01291 625439. Stand IT50 * Another PictureBase title, English Architecture aims to encourage students to think in depth about the links architecture has with other subjects such as art and religious education. The narration is divided into two themes - the religious and the secular - and begins with Saxon churches and Norman castles, then progresses through history to the present day. It also covers the landmarks of the 20th century, including the work of some contemporary architects. It can be used for different stages in the national curriculum.

For PC or Acorn, Pounds 69 + VAT (single user), Pounds 139 + VAT (site licence). AVP, details as above

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