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Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt recently floated an idea he heard on a trip to Singapore: making teachers swear their own version of doctors' Hippocratic oath.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, teachers reacted strongly. On Twitter, #teacheroath began trending. As @HowardScott75 put it, "what other profession, besides the public sector, would mobilise so vociferously on a Sunday night except teachers?"

Some wondered about the logistics. @jennykrobinson noted that oaths were "best sworn over holy relics" and suggested "letters granting free school status touched by Gove" could do the trick.

Meanwhile, @SnoozeinBrief said: "I think this #teacheroath is a bad idea, because *takes off sunglasses*.you're not supposed to swear in school."

@MrEFinch consulted his teacher wife: "Mrs Finch says, `Will the oath do my marking and give back my weekend?' "

A few enterprising tweeters had a go at writing this promise. @lalajojola put forward: "Data data data, data data.expected levels, data data. Data." And @moughthere pledged to "share books, tools, supplies and lesson plans with other teachers".

Finally, @BarnsleyNASUWT said: "Our vote goes to Malala's quote `One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.' "

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