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We are more than midway through the longest term, so what better time to consider how to make it through to Christmas, that shining light at the end of the teaching tunnel.

It might be the people who are experiencing the longest term for the first time - newly qualified teachers - who need the most support. So, last week, @tes asked people for their #NQTadvice for surviving until the festive season.

Some of the best advice was the simplest, such as @KhalSir's suggestion of "keep going" and @judyanddave's one-word tip: "sleep".

Others offered more practical teaching tricks of the trade, such as @HappySadCross, who shared this motivational idea: "If you break off marking a set of books in the middle, put completed ones at the bottom. You'll be thrilled when you finish."

And two further Twitterers gave pieces of advice to remember during the tough times. @colinsparkbridg provided the truism that "you're the best teacher your children currently have", while @bluethinkspeak urged NQTs not to lose the wood for the trees, advising: "Remember why you wanted to be a teacher and know that most of us parents and kids think you're amazing."

Sarah Cunnane

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