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If there's one thing the internet loves, it's a good portmanteau word. So it should come as no surprise that when we tweeted the hashtag #sciku - scientific haiku - people were eager to add to Camden School for Girls' collection. The North London secondary has recently released a book called Sciku: The Wonder of Science - In Haiku, which was written by its students.

Erwin Schrdinger and his cat proved a popular source of inspiration. @hullodave offered an explanation of Schrdinger's theory: "Box contains a catDoes isotope cause cat death?Open box to know."

Meanwhile, @Sdfahey revealed that Schrdinger didn't have to look too far for test subjects:

" `Where's the cat?' enquires Mrs Schrdinger. ErwinShrugs and pats the dog."

And the tale was completed by @martincampbell2: "A box is openedA furry wave collapses

Danish cat murder."

Another source of inspiration was love. @Kathylambert100 offered: "The chemistry staff Are flirting with each otherCombustible moods."

And @loz2308 submitted:

"Two science teachersKiss and hug in a test tubeOh the chemistry."

But @enrichlearning proved that chemistry teachers don't have all the fun: "The physics teachersAre flirting with each otherTerrible friction." Sarah Cunnane

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