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The Department for Education has thrown its support behind an independent College of Teaching, but will that be good or bad news for such a body?

Opinion is split on Twitter, where people have been discussing the joint statement on the subject from the DfE's Nicky Morgan and David Laws.

Some warned of the need to keep government interference out of the college, which aims to allow teachers to set their own high standards for members.

Leon Cych, who tweets as @eyebeams, said: "Of course, if the government gets involved in a new College of Teaching it will be the kiss of death."

Others welcomed the official backing, in particular the commitment to set up a fund for high-quality professional development through a network of teaching schools.

"College of Teaching and a fund for research-based learning.This has the potential to be transformational," said headteacher @DamianMcBeath.

However, @nickhassey said: "If this is a body that approves the CPD provided by others then it's a regulator."

But David Weston, who tweets as @informed_edu and is chief executive of the Teacher Development Trust, replied: "The detail of how it works will be up to teachers, Nick. Get involved. Get your voice heard. #claimyourcollege."

Helen Ward

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