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As teachers return from the Easter break, the end of the school year can shimmer in the distance like a mirage, tangible but unreachable.

TES columnist Stephen Petty provided his top five tips to make it through the term (bit.lyPettyTips), and we asked Twitter for more ideas using the hashtag #summersurvival.

Food and drink played a large part in people's suggestions. @idiotguide4 advocated for "vodka and chocolate", whereas @MsBrooksx went for the more school-friendly suggestion of "copious amounts of tea".

Teachers were also advised to have the strength to say no. @kvnmcl advised tweeters to only "say yes to what actually matters". And @AnneTaylor told others to learn from her mistakes: "Don't sign up to mark exam papers (wishing I had taken my own advice)."

Above all, people wanted to make sure that teachers took the time to be kind to themselves. "Get up early - you're in control, not controlled by work," said @Vicki_Easton. "Have some me time. Happy, healthy teachers are the most effective and have the most impact", added @EnglishJenB.

And @natdia89, with an admirable dose of optimism about what the great British summer has in store, said: "Enjoy the sunshine alongside markingassessmentplanning and so on."

Will Martin

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Tes Editorial

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