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Edexcel excels

I have just spent the afternoon analysing my Year 10's maths papers using Edexcel's new detailed feedback system. I enjoy using new technology to enlighten my own teaching, but this does so much more. I am able to see exactly where pupils failed to score, which means I can offer a detailed revision list for those needing to do resits. It also means I have been able to see what areas I need to spend more time on in class.

I just demonstrated the system to my head of department and he was intrigued. His view is that it will help us as a department to know what we are doing well. He is not looking to use it against teachers, but instead wants to use it as a method of support. We agree that students and staff alike can benefit in a way not possible before.

The only addition we would suggest is being able to see individual students' papers, so we find out not only where they went wrong but how they went wrong.

Overall, it's an excellent system that needs to be employed by other exam boards. Excellent work, Edexcel.

Jennifer Cranch

Forest School,



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