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Editorial Letter

There have been several changes since we last met. Firstly, as you will already have noted, we are now being distributed free with The TES which means that our magazine will be available to more primary teachers than ever before. We are now also covering the whole range from Reception to Year 6 which is why we have become Primary Equipment Review instead of Infant Equipment as we used to be.

Despite these changes, our remit is the same - to provide you with as much information as possible about equipment and resources which aim to enhance your teaching or help to make the administration of the school that much more efficient. When you don't have time to flick through those heavy tomes from the educational suppliers dip into us instead - we may have just what you are looking for. In this, our summer term issue, the contents are as varied as ever - from dictionaries to historical artefacts, from computer furniture to portable buildings.

The range and variety of products now available by mail order is staggering. No longer is it simply a matter of pens, pencils and the occasional bit of gym equipment. These days schools can order almost everything from a catalogue - including training courses and even, from at least one well-known supplier, natural gas and fuel oils! (What next, we ask, frozen school dinners delivered to the school gate?) Do let us know what you think about Primary Equipment Review and tell us about your best or worst buys or how you solved a particular equipment problem.

Have a good summer term.

Sue Hubberstey

PS Please note that a mention in Primary Equipment Review does not constitute a product endorsement.

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