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Editor's letter

For those who feel the magic has gone out of primary teaching - we've brought it back. With St Patrick's Day just a few weeks away, on March 17, your chance has arrived to learn about leanshees, banshees and leprechauns. Geraldine Brennan's story of schoolchildren's search for fairy folklore in County Down (pages 10 - 14) is both delightful and timely.

There's magic of a different sort in our innovative Global Village project. This issue of TES Primary contains the first of eight paper houses from around the world to collect, make, display, discuss and delight your class. There's information about each dwelling and who might have lived i it on the back, along with ideas on how to use it and a literacy-hour friendly "instructional text" explaining how to put it together. This month's dwelling is a tepee, one of the very earliest mobile homes.

However, if you look for Primary magazine in The TES next month and find it isn't there - don't worry, we haven't vanished!

As was announced last month, TES Primary is disappearing from the main TES, but will be very much alive and well as a separate publication, available from newsagents or on subscription from now on.

And we promise lots more magic in the months to come.

Diane Hofkins, Editor, TES Primary

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