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Editor's Letter

Where does inspiration come from? Creative thinking is what leads to scientific discoveries, exciting works of art - and innovative teaching. You'll find all of these in this month's TES Primary.

Gregor Mendel, the 19th century monk who discovered the principles of genetics which underpin today's controversial research on GM food and the human genome, carried out his experiments because he wondered about something (how inheritance works) that everyone else had taken for granted. You can read about the science behind the news on page 24. Sadly, Mendel was unrecognised in his lifetime.

ortunately, this is not the case with two inner-city schools. Grange Lane Infants in Scunthorpe has overcome its depressed steel town surroundings to become one of the Government's first beacon schools (p44). And at Charles Dickens Primary in Southwark, children's creativity was unleashed when they got involved in a project with the new Tate Modern (p10). The children's work has appeared on London hoardings and on the Millennium Trust's Christmas card.

So we hope no-one can say that they haven't found inspiration in TES Primary this month.

Diane Hofkins, Editor TES Primary

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