Editor's letter

Long ago, I taught summer school on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. It was miles from anywhere, up a dirt mountain road, and at night it was so dark you could see every star.

The experience left me with a fascination for Native American culture and landscape. The place, Rough Rock demonstration school, was one of the first bi-lingual, bi-cultural Navajo-English schools on the reservation. Its difficult task was to bridge two worlds, whose ways of thinking were often at odds with each other. Our stunning feature on American Indian astronomy (pages 10 to16) is attempting much the same thing Through legend and metaphor, writer John Stringer weaves together science and story into a new way of looking at the sky. And since it's summer, there should be plenty of warm evenings just right for star-gazing.

This issue of TES Primary brings you the great outdoors in a number of ways. For instance, our project looks forward to the Summer Olympics and shows how outdoor sports can inspire classroom activities. The poster picks up this theme.

So have a great summer - but don't forget to buy the August issue of TES Primary to read on the beach!

Diane Hofkins Editor TES Primary

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