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Editor's letter

This month we are launching a beautiful pull-out series on endangered species. Children care about the world they live in and understand far better than previous generations that everything in it is inter-connected. TES Primary's "WorldWatch" collection will take them round the globe to visit beautiful animals and habitats which are under threat. They will encounter such unfamiliar creatures as the Resplendent Quetzal bird of the Central American cloud forest (this month's focus) and the Napoleon Wrasse, a huge fish which lives in coral reefs, and well-known ones, such as the Antarctic's Emperor Penguin. They are more than exotica. Our series will show the imporant role of the rainforests, the oceans, the rivers, the ice-caps in your pupils' own lives and will look at what individuals can do to help preserve them.

Not everything in TES Primary this month is interconnected - but we do have a number of features which can tie in with the Quetzal poster. There's a map showing the threatened forests of Europe and, on the back, a poster for younger children on the birds of Britain. On page 10, Samm Kweku Richardson sings the praises of birds in general. And, on page 16, there's the story of the Aztecs, who used the Quetzal bird's feathers to make head-dresses for royalty.

Diane Hofkins Editor TESPrimary

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