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Editor's letter

Welcome to Spaceship Earth. Our mission, as the summer approaches, is to boldly have some fun. As we go hurtling through the universe, we will meet all manner of strange creatures. First, we will come to the Planet of the Zogs where you will have to outwit some cheeky, but communicative, aliens. Then, the edu-nauts in your class will have the task of designing aliens of their own, imagining what sort of beings might live on an unusual selection of weird worlds.

On a more serious note, Spaceship Earth is a lonely planet with a delicate eco-system that is under threat. Environmentalist Dr David Bellamy returns to TES Primary with some ideas to help your pupils save energy and preserve the wonders of Spaceship Earth for generations to come.

Moving from outer-space to cyberspace, our project this month takes you on to the information superhighway, with suggestions for designing a school website. And you can learn still more from a real Internet website set up specially for TES Primary readers. Have a good journey.

Diane Hofkins Editor TES Primary CO Planet Zog The Universe

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