Editor's letter

Autumn is coming, and it's time to go back to school. Time to meet a new class, perhaps to join a new school, to start afresh. The theme of time runs like a river through this issue of TES Primary.

First of all, there's not enough of it. Research for the National Union of Teachers shows that schools have maximised teaching time, but staff are still frustrated (page 39). The Government wants teachers to have more time for creative subjects, but continues to demand higher test scores in the 3Rs. As usual, TESPrimary is trying to help. This month, we show how schools have boosted PE by more constructive use of playtimes. It may sound like a recipe for further eroding children's freedom, but the schools say that children feel more accomplished, bullying is down and academic performance is up.

If you think you're squeezed for time, imagine how people felt in 1752 when they lost 11 days in order to bring Britain's calendar into line with the solar year. You'll find the story of how our calendar was adopted on page 40. For children, even a day is a long time. John Stringer's piece on shadows (page 10) will help them to mark it.

Finally, it's time to celebrate - with Pie Corbett's exhilarating project for the Poetry Day theme of celebration, spectacularly illustrated by Sarah Fanelli (page 27).

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