Editor's letter

The words on this week's cover are from a poem written by 14-year-old Ruvimbo Bungwe, "to express to other people how my friends who are refugees feel when other children make them feel bad by calling them names and telling them to go back to their country". According to the statistics, a new refugee is created somewhere in the world every 21 seconds. Read our Inside Story on the facts and our attitudes towards "outsiders" (page 15). Economic interdependence of communities round the world is neatly demonstrated in our feature on how and where jeans are made. It's a fascinating, 40,000-mile story (page 20).

This week we also boldly go where prescriptive grammarians haven't allowed us to go for centuries. Dick Hudson and Geoff Barton give the definitive line on the split infinitive (Grammar grab, page 30).

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