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Editor's letter

You might not feel it yet, but the next few years could prove to be a time of freedom and creativity for primary teachers. While the Government is urging schools to adopt specific approaches to the 3Rs, there will be more flexibility in art, music, PE,history, geography and technology than teachers have had for 15 years.

All that's now demanded is quality. You could say that at last teachers are being trusted.

Meanwhile, there are some primary school perennials that never change, and teaching about time is one of them. This month, TES Primary offers you two time-lines. One is a walk through a child's day; the other, a journey through a former child star's life. We hope you and your class have as much fun with them as we had putting them together.

Since TES Primary is a new venture, we're very keen to hear what you think and what you want. We're also seeking teachers and heads to join a small TES Primary advisory panel. Please get in touch with us at the address on page 7 if you're interested.

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