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Educational superhero

It's not really done to sound too competitive in education but, let's face it, the "lifelong learning sector", as it must be known, is pretty damned brilliant - and always coming to the rescue.

While the rest of the world struggles to keep its head above water, colleges and other training outfits in the post-16 domain are on standby to solve it's problems. Schools can't handle some of the 14-16 year-olds? No problem - colleges can. Want to go to university but you don't have any A-levels? College can get you there. Addicted to heroin? Community training outfits can give you 101 reasons to convince you it's worth recovering and never going back.

Want to be a rock'n'roll star? Ask the Arctic Monkeys. Not only do they give their lecturer much of the credit for their success, but he still rings them up when he thinks they could do better with their latest hit.

And they take the call!

Of course, being the solution to all people's problems is just another day's work for our readers. Now it seems even that much-maligned bunch, the marketing people, are proving they can come to the rescue - and in dramatic ways, without even having a meeting first.

To Brighton, where Greg Gaffney, marketing director of the Home Learning College was walking along the street when his superhuman powers were unexpectedly called upon.

Using his rugby-playing skills, Mr Gaffney went into action when he saw a suspected handbag thief running away from the scene of his alleged crime.

Pretty soon, Mr Gaffney's quarry was tackled, brought to the ground and the bag returned to its owner.

"It was worth it," said Mr Gaffney, "I'm pleased we got the bag back."

I've yet to hear whether his marketing skills extended to signing up the handbag's owner to any courses.

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