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Effective opposition leaves out the politics

Josh Eyeington (Letters, 16 November) unwittingly puts his finger on the reason for the lack of coherent and effective opposition to "reform". Education should not be about politics. It is because the profession has allowed politicians to meddle in schools for the past two decades that we find ourselves in utter chaos. Effective opposition will focus on action that seeks to improve educational opportunity for young people.

The current action by some teacher unions appears to the public to be not only politically motivated but also anti-management. While the profession attacks itself it will not merit support from parents, who simply want the best for their children.

The profession has to demonstrate, for instance, how political interference wastes money that should be spent in the classroom. It has to win support for reform of a malevolent inspection system. It needs to show how the free schools movement is not only further fragmenting an already bizarre infrastructure but also diverts funds from established schools.

If it becomes necessary to take action, then move forward as a united profession.

Mick Brookes, Former general secretary of the NAHT heads' union.

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