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Elaine is first among equals

According to her own publicity blurb, Elaine Sihera has been "in even more demand" since her "history-making" lecture at the House of Commons. For anyone whose history is a bit rusty, a reminder. Ms Sihera is one of the people behind Anser House, a publishing organisation which promotes "equal opportunity management practice in the UK" from its base in leafy Buckinghamshire.

And last week, she was invited to speak at the London South Learning and Skills Council annual meeting.

But if anyone thinks Ms Sihera's views would be in any way predictable, they should look at the Anser House website.

There, they'll find a few comments which would certainly put the cat among the pigeons with some of my more right-on friends in further education.

One item, by Ms Sihera herself, asks whether the women players at Wimbledon deserve to be paid the same as the men. Apparently, in a nutshell, no, they don't. After all, she explains, they don't play as many sets. Good point, if you'll pardon the pun.

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