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Electronic maths books

At the start of May, every Year 6 teacher has the same feeling - what can I do after SATs? I'd spent two years with the maths set from hell. Bright, articulate (too vocal) and very opinionated. To the rescue came the Tesco Our School Awards event ( everylittlehelps). The one that offered prizes for schools which "used ICT to help other pupils within the school" looked tempting.

I thought about how I could use this with my maths set and came up with the idea of Year 6 pupils making electronic big books for maths at key stage 1.

Looking at the numeracy framework, my set worked in small groups and decided what would be most interesting to work on and which age group to make the books for. They then visited the KS1 department to see what level their audience would be working at.

They loved using the internet to find animations to use in their books and devising puzzles and games, creating hide-and-show answers and designing linking pages. I was impressed by their hard work - they themselves didn't realise how much thought they put into content and methodology.

We were local winners in Wales and took six pupils to the finals in London, where we were proud to be judged runners-up in our category. We won a digital camera, goody bags and 2,500 "computers for schools" vouchers.

Kate Loveridge, Year 6 Teacher, Terrace Road School, Swansea

ICT Subject Focus, pages 22-28

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