Electronic resources



This site is specifically for the EdExcel examinations and is good looking with great ideas. It features notes, revision tasks, sequenced MIDI files for interactive quiz questions and great links to other revision materials.

GCSE Music


Links to other music sites, some related to revision. Students need to register but it has useful approaches.

GCSE Coursework


This site has a huge amount of information, a virtual textbook by Richard Fuller, and helpful categorisation for revision purposes. Coursework and full versions of essays require visitor registration.

Big Jessie's GCSE Music Revision and Project GCSE



Created by students for students, these contain notes on instruments, music history, genres, useful words and world music. It has all the revision notes most pupils will need, and lots of links. There are no sound files, but it saves on bookwork.

Homework helper


Some real surprises if you want to reach other sites on music theory, examples and general guidance.

BBC Bitesize


Superb site in Beeb tradition, although it could use some updating. It contains a useful downloadable revision check list which can be applied to different exam board specifications and multiple-choice questions, using drop-down menus. It also uses sound files for questions.

Music Suite


Written by teachers, this site is intended for key stage 3, but is also superb for KS4. It requires Macromedia Shockwave and Active X plug in, and features built in sequencing and composing tools. Students are invited to think about what they have learned and it offers a great approach to difficult subjects.

Listen Hear CD-Rom By Iris Thompson and Colin Wyllie Articulate Music Software pound;19.98


This CD-Rom is what we've been waiting for. It has definitions of musical concepts, scores, sound tracks, video clips and great original compositions by Colin Wyllie and John and Andy Montgomery. It includes lots of world music and music from a wider repertoire.

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