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Embrace culture of global partners

As a partner organisation with Dr Fran Martin in her research project, we welcome opening up the debate around the educational and ethical dilemmas posed by international partnerships.

Tide Global Learning has worked with the National Environment Agency in the Gambia for more than 10 years, taking groups of teachers on study visits as part of a nine-month professional development course. This provides a valuable opportunity for them to examine their own attitudes and understanding, which in turn informs their work with young people.

Our young people are growing up in an interconnected and interdependent world. They are entitled to an education which allows them to develop a sense of identity and confidence through engagement with global issues in a diverse society. As educators, we all benefit from opportunities for thoughtful professional engagement.

This research is a useful starting point for this process.

Cathryn Gathercole, Tide Global Learning, Birmingham.

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