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Emotional literacy

Developing Emotionally Literate Staff By Elizabeth Morris and Julie Casey Paul Chapman pound;18.99

This manual to help staff address what the DfES calls "the social and emotional aspects of learning" acknowledges that any such initiative has to start with adults, and the way they interact with pupils and with each other.

The core of the programme is a series of ten modules, with such titles as "Understanding ourselves: feelings, thoughts, behaviour" and "Handling relationships". It will take up staff time, and calls for risky self-questioning and, in some cases, fundamental changes of attitude.

The authors emphasise the need for serious commitment from top management, not least because "it is particularly important that all adults within an organisation are involved in the development programme".

There's no suggestion that the programme is for schools working to emerge from a period of difficulty, but my feeling is that this is what some struggling institutions need.

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