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End the age discrimination

I HAVE just completed a postgraduate certificate in education in history. Of the 24 candidates who began the course at the same time, 11 have found employment, four left the course before it ended, eight remain unemployed and one decided against entering teaching.

All of those who found jobs are under 30, while all those who remain unemployed are over this "watershed". Are we to assume that we are less capable or less qualified than the others? Do we come across as incapable in our interviews (if we get that far), or is it that people are concerned how we will be able to manoeuvre our Zimmer frames along the corridors?

If anyone connected with candidate selection can offer relevant reasons or insight for this blinkered attitude, I and many others who have been in the same predicament would be grateful.

Gillian Keeler Gorse Avenue South Shields Tyne and Wear

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