End your misery

WE SAID John Wilson was a man with a mission - to help miserable teachers flee their profession - but we didn't realise quite how dedicated the leader of the Escape Committee was.

No sooner did last week's TES tell of the nascent escape tunnel's collapse, than details arrived of a revamped weekend course at his Cornish retreat. You may recall the half-term course was cancelled with only one booking.

"Is your future worth Pounds 95?" John asks - wisely, since teachers had obviously decided their future wasn't worth Pounds 325, the cost of a full week. Temptingly offering "a contemplative yet exhilarating weekend workshop", he asks: "Are you overworked? Do you dread Monday mornings?" John's wife Sue is clearly used to helping the emotionally damaged - she used to "teach pottery to the mentally ill", the leaflet says - so you'll be in safe hands. (Ring 01736 797061. Plug over.)

Nic Barnard

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