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Energy saving earns cash reward

Schools in the United Kingdom spend three times as much on energy as they do on books, releasing six million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. But Energy Cashback, a scheme run by CREATE (the Centre for Research, Education and Training in Energy) aims to help schools cut fuel bills and reduce global warming. So far 203 schools have recouped half the costs of their energy efficiency measures, benefiting to the tune of Pounds 517,482.

At Rooks Heath High School in Harrow, north London, boiler and lighting controls, insulation, door closers and window locks, cost Pounds 4,636. Half of that was recovered from Energy Cashback and the rest will be collected in fuel savings over the next five years. And it will have saved the planet 6.29 tonnes of atmospheric carbon a year.

To qualify as one of the next 600 schools eligible for some of the Pounds 2 million allocated to the scheme by the Department for Education and Employment, schools must develop a whole-school energy policy with a three-year action plan. This must be drawn up in co-operation with pupils and the wider community. An energy survey to determine savings is conducted by the local education authority or school. CREATE can donate computer software to help with this task. Support funding from the LEA, school budget or a third party must be arranged, and part of the fuel bill savings, regularly monitored, reinvested in further energy-saving measures. Awards are between Pounds 500 and Pounds 4,000.

Details from Bill Roberts at CREATE. Tel: 01942 322271

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