Engineer physics improvement

Having read of the woes of the physics departments in some of our universities ("Universities to drop physics", TES, January 24), I would like to make two points as a teacher of science for seven years.

Physics is boring unless you are being taught by someone who truly loves and understands the subject. Why don't teachers manage to put this across? Because they are undervalued, overworked and bored. Even the most motivated of teachers can get into a rut. Why bother to put in even more effort when no one says thank you and there is little chance of promotion?

Secondly, if "Britain" needs 30,000 new engineers, then Britain should be prepared to invest in all stages of education. Without this investment, good teachers will continue to leave the profession and talented young people will not be attracted into it. After all, where's the attraction in working with extremely limited resources in a highly stressed environment and commanding little respect from anyone?

LESLEY RICKARD Doha Qatar 00974

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