England's 'highest paid primary head' gets a £36,000 pay rise

Sir Craig Tunstall leads the Gipsy Hill Federation of eight primary schools in south London

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The teacher believed to be England’s highest-paid primary head has received an 11 per cent pay rise.

Last year, it was revealed that Sir Craig Tunstall, the executive headteacher of the Gipsy Hill Federation of eight primary schools in south London, was one of the highest-paid school leaders in the county.

Now, new figures from the audited accounts of the Lambeth Council reveal his salary, fees and allowances increased by a further £36,589 in 2016-17, to £366,983.

His total remuneration package is now worth £398,214 once employers’ pension contributions are included.

The GMB said the pay rise came as the federation made other staff members redundant.

Andy Prendergast, GMB senior officer said: "'For a school to increase a CEO’s pay by over £36,500 while making staff redundant shows where the priorities of Gipsy Hill Federation lie.

"Money that should have gone on saving jobs that provide real value to our children has instead gone to making someone, whose pay was already double that of the prime minister, even richer. 

"For those staff still there, who are struggling to make ends meet whilst their workloads increase, it's nothing less than a kick in the teeth."

In May, it emerged that Sir Craig has been suspended from the federation, pending an internal investigation being undertaken with Lambeth Council.

Tes understands that the investigation is still underway.

A Lambeth Council spokesperson said: “Headteacher pay is set by the school governing body, not the council.

“We do not comment on individual staffing matters.”

Tes has contacted the Gipsy Hill Federation, and its schools, for comment.

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