Quizzes deal with facts, not opinions, so how can they be useful in Use them to explore the background of a new topic - Roman life in Julius Caesar's day, perhaps, or the names of parts of speech. (Example at www.defra.gov.ukenvironmentclimatechangeschools12-16quiz ) Learning to use reference books is important, but dry - make it more fun by asking students to prepare a general knowledge quiz based on a selection from your library.

Add an ICT dimension - use Hot potatoes to prepare and publish an online quiz. Once you know how to do it, hand it over to your students and let them write and publish their own.

"Hot potatoes" tutorial at http:ferl.becta.org.ukdisplay.cfm?resID=3742

Examples at www.quia.comdireng

Download software from http:web.uvic.cahrdhalfbaked

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