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English - A guide to Of Mice and Men

What the lesson is about

This comprehensive resource based on John Steinbeck's classic novella will complement every English teacher's toolkit. It is prepared with the GCSE English literature exam in mind, but also includes activities that can be used for controlled-assessment tasks.

Taking it further

There are reading, writing and speaking and listening activities that offer plenty of opportunities for students to undertake individual, pair and group work. Many tasks encourage students to engage with the text.

The various collections have sections on Steinbeck; pre-reading prediction tasks on context, book covers and character; location and setting; novel openings and dialect; character and theme; literary style and techniques; and plot, title and character.

The audio MP3 revision and teaching resources include summaries and commentaries on the many aspects of the novella, including chapter summaries, character summaries on George, Lennie, Curley, Curley's wife and Crooks, and literary techniques and devices such as animals, animal imagery and symbolism, dialect and setting. Other recordings cover issues such as disability, dreams and the American Dream, the Great Depression, Hollywood, race and women.

There is a balance of teacher-led and student-led tasks and suggestions for differentiating activities. As well as worksheets, the collection contains "keeping track" resources that can be used throughout the unit and as a revision tool at the end.

The breadth of activities encourages a variety of approaches to the text, aiding students' understanding through a thorough analysis of the context, themes, characters and literary techniques.

Where to find it

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