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AQA GCSE English language: a TES English collection

AQA GCSE English language: a TES English collection

What is it?

An exhaustive and creative resource designed to help teachers through every aspect of delivering English language GCSE coursework.

It has been created by Chantel Mathias, after she spent a year "at the coalface" gathering ideas and content from colleagues at school. She says teachers found the new Spoken Language unit "particularly challenging". Many, she said, were simply "filled with dread".

But the free collection of Word, PDF and PowerPoint teaching resources, worksheets, activities and guides - plus weblinks - should change that. Below we have highlighted some of the quirkier features.

What you will get

When private investigator Glenn Mulcaire and News of the World royal reporter Clive Goodman were first questioned by police it's a pretty safe bet that neither suspected they would end up as part of the national curriculum. But a multiple-choice quiz on phone hacking - part of a starter pack for GCSE English unit 2 on speaking and listening - injects some newsy basis for debate.

Then there are clips of David Cameron being interviewed - together with snippets from EastEnders - all designed to help students work out what makes a good and bad speaker or listener and why. With this resource they will also learn how to structure their own debates - and communicate them most effectively.

In a video from Teachers TV shot at Hornsey School for Girls in London, you can watch two Year 9 lessons on a Shakespeare text (Macbeth) as they are explored in depth. This programme reveals how teacher Sabrina Broadbent uses drama and innovative techniques to focus pupils' attention on language and character. The scene under consideration, act 1, scene 3, is one of the set scenes for Year 9 Sats.

Part A - extended reading controlled assessment - The Crucible. A pack including a PowerPoint exploring the principles of Salem as well as an activity requiring exploration of the different groups of people in the community, and where they choose which group a character belongs to.

"Kids screaming with laughter around you? Then your skirt is tucked into your knickers and you're standing right next to a LOLcano. Careful you don't get burned, LOL." For the staffroom more than the classroom, a selection of Matt Hill's Yoofspeak articles from TES Magazine. Some (but not all) will be of useappropriate to support spoken language study.

What are teachers saying?

Melel says: "Fabulous resources - a real treasure find! Thank you so much! I am sure so many students will benefit from these! I am extremely appreciative!"

Qe2 says: "An absolutely comprehensive and engaging set of resources - thank you!"

KT_oleary says: "Excellent scheme of work. This really has saved hours!"

Visit and see for yourself.

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