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Video poem - secondary

What is it?

A video poem does what it says on the tin. It offers pupils the chance to turn a poem they are studying into a video, or rather a series of still images accompanied by music, all using free Windows Movie Maker software.

How can it be used?

- Storyboarding how to combine images that represent different lines in a poem is a good starting point for pupils to discuss imagery.

- Selecting how to split the poem up forces them to engage with questions of structure.

- The choice of images brings about discussion of meaning and whether this is overt or covert.

- Putting music on the video is an opportunity to discuss tone and how this is created.

- This resource works well with pupils who are new to poetry and need to learn about metaphors and similes, but also with exam pupils who need to engage with material that has a complex meaning.

- The discussion element that this resource allows is unbeatable, as pupils get passionate about their own readings and representations.

What else?

One teacher in the forums is looking for advice on teaching poetry analysis. Why not share your creative ideas?

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