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English - Resource of the week

A pirate newspaper project

This project gets pupils to work together to create a newspaper front page in a time-pressured environment that mimics a newsroom. Each pupil takes responsibility for a specific role, with the editor having final say over decisions. During the lesson, stories flash up on the board and pupils have to decide which to prioritise and write up.

How can it be used?

- This project can be applied to any text or current event.

- It encourages collaborative learning because pupils have to manage their own hierarchy.

- Pupils learn about the different roles within a newspaper.

- It provides hands-on examples of bias.

- It encourages pupils to make difficult decisions about prioritising.

- Pupils start with the facts and use their creative skills to fill in the information they are not given.

- Allow one to two hours for this and you will be impressed by the intensity and focus with which the task is completed.


Join the discussion about approaching the classroom with innovative and creative strategies on Adam Webster's blog. TES partner, First News, shares resources for analysing and understanding the news. For more newsroom role play, try the TESiboard resource pack.

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