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English - Resource of the week

Joining up with the dinosaurs

This term, gather your pupils around the whiteboard and use Bev Evans' "Let's Make Letters" interactive presentation to help them master joined- up writing.

What is it?

Watch the magic pencil form each letter - Bev's cursive font is fully embedded, so it will not need to be installed on your computer. Ask pupils to copy the letter formation on to mini-whiteboards, then to think of a word using the letter and write it out, taking care to join up the letters correctly.

What else?

Back at their desks, pupils can continue joining up with "Dinosaur Alphabet Cards". These give handwriting practice an irresistible Jurassic vibe with sheets featuring a dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet. This script has proved to be "the best to help with letter formation and orientation", minisue59 says. And butterfly16's Year 3 class is highly motivated by the dinosaur theme.

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