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Computer literate

Specific learning difficulty tutor Ceri Williams was inspired to experiment with blogging in his classroom after hearing a lecture on the subject at the 2010 Microsoft Partners in Learning forum in Manchester. Now he recommends it to encourage boys in literacy.

How does it work?

Pupils use blogs to review their favourite games, football matches or maybe just the latest teen trend. They type into a simple text editor, which has a spellcheck to help them perfect their work.

Why is it useful?

"All my pupils have literacy difficulties such as dyslexia. Finding articles and sites that interest them encourages them to read," says Mr Williams.

He adds that the thought that their writing might be read by strangers online encourages them to take greater care over presentation; they proofread more carefully and double-check spellings. The positive feedback that many have received from people they have never met has increased their confidence in writing.

How to do it

Mr Williams recommends using This site allows teachers to check pupils' work before they publish it, and comments can be monitored before they appear on the site.

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