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Rapping rhymes

Rapping rhymes

If the word on the street is more important to your pupils than words in books, Georgina Brigden's lesson will show them that "beats and rhymes" are just forms of poetry.

What is it?

A presentation and three handouts exploring the features of poetry through rap music, covering:

- how words and music create rhythm;

- changing syllable stresses to convey emotion;

- rhyme used for effect;

- figurative language - analysing meaning in Fugees' lyrics by looking at assonance, metaphors and similes;

- a rap writing activity.

What else?

Get pupils to speak their raps to the class. For a cross-curricular project, work with your music department to help pupils create rap songs to perform at a summer concert. This is a great way to involve underachievers in the school community.

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