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Acts of Godfrey: a dark comedy in verse

Distributed by Guerilla Films, Acts of Godfrey offers a refreshing contrast to the repetitive cycle of sequels, prequels and remakes synonymous with contemporary Hollywood. Debut directorwriter Johnny Daukes exposes a dark yet humorous tale in verse.

In a desperate bid to give Vic (Iain Edmondson) a "get up and go" attitude, his employers send him on the motivational course "Win! Only Win!", presented in a country-house hotel by the intriguing Godfrey (Simon Callow). With a host content to see his protegees as mere pawns, medical reps Terry (Ian Burfield) and Phil (Jay Simpson) trying to push a Viagra-cocaine combi-drug, the sexually predatory Mary (Myfanwy Waring), geriatric conman Malcolm (Harry Enfield) and his reluctant partner in crime Gita (Shobu Kapoor), plus moments of seduction, drinking and mistaken identity, the path is set for mishaps, mayhem and shocking revelations, with narrative twists that lead to an unexpected finale.

Outgrowing its poetic origins to become a novel and finally a a screenplay, Daukes' film is the first original feature to use rhyming verse throughout, making it an interesting classroom case study and an original piece of contemporary cinematic poetry.

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