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On 12 February, the 65th Bafta Film Awards will celebrate the best national and foreign film releases of the past year.

After the announcement in 2010 that the UK Film Council would be disbanded, many predicted the demise of the - already small - British film industry. However, the list for the 2012 Baftas tells a different story, with a host of nominations for British and Irish actors and directors, including Gary Oldman, Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton and Joe Cornish.

The number of British films at the awards represents a cross section of national cinema, from the social realism of Tyrannosaur and Shame to historical films such as The Iron Lady and Coriolanus. Directorial talent includes modern auteurs such as Lynne Ramsay, alongside stars who have swapped the spotlight for the director's chair: Ralph Fiennes, Paddy Considine and Richard Ayoade.

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