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Enterpriseis working

We are a Scottish-based business, working with Scottish local authorities and schools to encourage a more enterprising "can do" culture, mainly through the Scottish Executive's Determined to Succeed programme. To date, over 25,000 young people have participated in our programme.

We have found that, locally and nationally, Determined to Succeed is making a positive impact on education and on the schools and young people involved in it.

Last week's comments from the Institute of Directors about the need for more business involvement in the programme are perhaps right in that business partnerships are important in preparing our young people for the world of work.

There are thousands of business partnerships with schools and local authorities, I believe, but building business skills is only part of what Determined to Succeed sets out to achieve. The goal of developing confident, can do, ambitious young people (whatever their future vocation) is its real purpose.

I reiterate: Determined to Succeed is succeeding and is making a positive difference.

Matt Stewart

Managing director Alexander Street, Airdrie

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