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Enterprising euros

"Miss, I'm no bein' cheeky or anythin'," fourth-year Shane told his teacher, "but you know how you're always pure goin' on and on about France - the language an' the food an' a' that. If it's that good, how do you no just go and live there?"

"Because it isn't always easy just to change jobs and countries. I would like to retire there though."

"You'd be better goin the noo though tae enjoy it right. Could ye no get a job watching cars for PSG? You'd probably get two or three euros a car over there.

"And you'd know how tae get the money fae them in French. Ah dae it at Celtic Park. Dae ye want me tae ask fur ye?"

Enterprise education is not yet dead.

(For the uninitiated, PSG are the Paris St Germain football club.)

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