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Environment - High hopes for low carbon

Young people from Balfron High, Lochgilphead Joint Campus School and Rathbone Training in Kilmarnock are taking part in a new project to help drive Scotland's transition to a low-carbon society.

The scheme was developed by the Scottish Government in partnership with Young Scot, the national youth information agency, and involves three "youth investigation teams" of volunteers, aged 12 to 19, assessing how their communities will change in a low-carbon Scotland.

They will investigate what action their local areas are taking to tackle climate change, the implications of a low-carbon economy for farming and rural land use, as well as the benefits of green tourism and how renewable energy will impact on their local communities.

A national discussion day is planned, and participants will act as ambassadors, sharing information with their peers, and publish a report on their findings. Louise Macdonald, chief executive of Young Scot, said: "I hope the young people taking part will inspire others to get involved and help reduce carbon emissions in their communities, now and in the future."

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