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Environment - Wildlife volunteers needed

Young people are being urged by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to volunteer to help wildlife in Scotland.

A recent report by the SNH had shown that only a quarter of organisations involved with wildlife surveys felt they had enough volunteers to meet their needs, so youngsters are being asked to become volunteer surveyors, recording the number of certain birds, animals or insects.

Peter Rawcliffe, SNH's head of people and places, said: "Most organisations need help throughout the country, but if you live in a remote spot, all the better. Surveys need to cover all of Scotland, and many organisations have trouble finding volunteers to cover remote areas."

Organisations seeking young volunteers include local ranger services and wildlife societies, as well as national organisations such as Biological Recording in Scotland, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the RSPB.

Advice on volunteering across Scotland can be found at local record centres, and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and other organisations offer training in surveying and recording wildlife.

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