Equal partners

I welcome Anthea Millett's interest in my Opinion piece on teacher training (TES, 28 February).

Like her, I have been an enthusiast for effective school partnerships in training throughout my career.

But I fear it is Anthea Millett, not I, who is guilty of generalisation.

Were she to spend, anonymously, a lunch break in many staffrooms she would be likely to hear many voices confirming the generality of my "anecdotes" and few confirming her rosy optimism.

And research currently taking place at a nearby university suggests that the enthusiasm of many heads may have more to do with financial, rather than professional, concerns.

Effective partnership - in training and all else - can only occur if it is built on a basis of realism and a true equality with adequate funding, support and recognition for both sides.

PROFESSOR JOHN EGGLESTON University of Warwick Coventry.

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