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Equality of opportunity now exists for all teachers

The deep concerns voiced by some within the teaching profession with regard to career restructuring following the McCrone settlement are in my view en-tirely misplaced.

The settlement has replaced a largely hierarchical model with a more modern and contemporary one. Through the introduction of the chartered teacher programme, a framework will emerge, which above all else identifies and rewards the development of professional competence.

Too many levels of authority and the centralisation of power within institutions lend themselves neither to equality of participation nor a sense of collectiveness and can stifle debate and open expression.

Equality of opportunity now exists for all teachers to further their careers on the basis of qualifications, personal commitment and enhanced professionalism alone, rather than having to rely on the patronage and favour of head teachers whose decisions may omit the best qualified or most suitable candidates.

In my view, the post-McCrone settlement has introduced a more just system which will help to raise the calibre of the profession and the quality of teaching and learning in Scottish schools.

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