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"Ethically, I'm happier not being a party man"

Alain Yahiaoui travelled from independent to state sector. The 32-year-old English teacher spent two years at Brighton College in East Sussex, having begun his career in a state school where he grew tired of aspects of pupil behaviour, mainly the lack of respect. "At Brighton College, I became the head of extra-curricular activities," he says. "I coached football and basketball and ran public-speaking competitions. I also became master in charge of fencing. I had never fenced. I stood at the side with my clipboard."

Though he enjoyed the variety, he decided he really wanted to teach English and moved along the coast to Blatchington Mill Secondary, Hove, in September 2005.

The main difference is now he concentrates on teaching. "In the private sector, I felt very conscious of my career," he says. "There's a greater business angle and you have to be a honey pot to attract parents.

Ethically, I'm happier not being a party man."

Stephen Manning

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