European odyssey

The Goethe-Institut has launched Odysseus: A Quest for Europe - a project which takes the visitor on a virtual journey through the idea of Europe, inspired by the legend of Odysseus.

Every week during Germany's Presidency of the European Union, the focus will be on a different aspect of Europe, offering new and sometimes surprising insights and perspectives into people and places. Media artists, photographers, philosophers and modern-day nomads reveal an aspect of European identity, based on an entirely subjective view of their chosen location.

Like Odysseus on his quest to return home, visitors to the project will experience Europe's cultural diversity, encounter new arrivals from far-away countries, learn about the fears and hopes of "new" Europeans, and even contemplate the peculiar remnants of a past summer.

Upper secondary students of German or modern studies should find the odyssey fascinating.

This week, German media artist Florian Thalhofer seeks out the "Forgotten Flags" and examines how the 2006 World Cup radically - although temporarily - changed the host country Germany's image in its own media. "Several months later, are any traces left of that heady summer?"

* www.goethe.deodysseus

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